Thursday, February 19, 2009

Better playground

My favorite part of my writing is the last sentence.

The thing I need to work on is my details

Jose R. 2-17-09 Persuasive Writing

With the extra fundraiser money we can have a better playground. It would be the coolest thing ever. Also, we will not be board the whole time. Finally, we will have a lot more fun.

It would be so cool. It would because we get to play more. Also we will have a lot more activities. Those games will be the fun nest games ever. We also will play more because the playground will be gigantic.

We also will not be board. We will not because us kids will be chatting and hanging out. We will have a lot more fun with the new equipment. Also when we are being crazy out there it is kids just being kids. When we are out side we love it.

That will really mean a lot to us. If you did it you would be number one in my book “yeah”!!! It will really make us happy. I will even clean it up every day if I have to. Think about it, it would be really cool.

So you herd it from kids there selves. They really want it. Also you do not want to make them crazy trust me because I am one of them. So please do it or we will boo it.

denver broncos

The best part of my writing is the broncos have three of the best people.

The thing I need to work on is that i need a better conclusion.

Freddie 2-17-09 persuasive writing

The best sports team is the Denver Broncos. The best sports team is the Denver Broncos because they are the greatest team in the AFC. They also have a great record in the AFC.

I like the Denver broncos because they get better and better and try their hardest to make it to another super bowl. The first time we got john Elway we made it to a super bowl and lost. Then we made it again and won that super bowl and we won the year after. First they beat the Atlanta falcons 32-29. Then we beat the green bay packers 42-28.

I also like the Denver broncos because they had 3 of the best people to play in the super bowl 32 and 33.they had Jerry Rice, John Elway, and Terrell Davis. They are all named MVP in the most of the games they played. Jerry Rice was the most important player on our team because he was named MVP three times. John Elway and Terrell Davis were only named twice in the 2 super bowls.

I also like the Denver broncos because of how hard they try to make it to another super bowl this year. The broncos have three new rookies. The new rookies’ names are Eddie Royal, one is also named Jay cutler, and the last one is Tatum bell. They will try to make it to another super bowl. The broncos will definitely win with our new coach McDaniel.

That’s why the Denver broncos are the best sports team ever. Will the broncos make it to a super bowl again? I think the broncos will.

Monday, February 2, 2009


My favorite hobby is Dodge Ball. I like it because it is fun. Also my brothers play that hobby.
You could get exercises. I like to be healthy. I like to be healthy so I could run more and have fun. I also like sports. I like sports because my uncle also likes sports.
You also get to hit people. The other people also get to hit me. It hurts when they hit you hard. It is fun when you hit people and when they hit you. Some people cry because some people hit hard.
You also get to do teamwork. All of the other teams make plans. They make plans to win. They also protect people that might get hit by a ball. They protect them because they don’t want them to cry. That is my favorite hobby. I have fun when I play it. My brothers enjoy it too.

What I liked about it is that I talked about Dodge Ball.
Next time I will put more action.
Over all I feel good.