Friday, February 29, 2008

all about books

I think I did my best on my pictures.

I think I struggle with recording.

Next time I will do better pictures.

Beauty Cutie

What I did best was choosing the pictures.

I struggled on recording because somtimes they couldn't hear me.

Next time I will work on talking louder.


What I did best was searching the images.
I struggled with recording.
Next time I will do an advertisement about something different.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Soccer Ball


I did my photos are the best.
I struggle on the texed on the photos.
Next time I will do better.

Sport Cards

The thing that I did best on my photostory was that I spoke loud and clear. The thing that I struggled with was that I said sport cards yo much. Next time I will try to not say the topic to much.

Gary the snail

I think I did the best on my pictures. I really struggled recording. Next time i will work on recording.


The best thing I did was taking pictures and puting them on my fhoto story. I struggled on recording. Next time I am going to talk better on recording.

Trident Splash

What did I do best? I did best on my voice recording.
What did I struggle with? I struggled with putting the captions.
Next time I will do better with my captions.

Remote control car

The thing I did best is focusing on my witting.
What I struggled on was my spelling.
Next time I will ask the teacher how to spell words.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Field Day by Ashlyn

I think the best thing I did is my conclusion. I struggled with my thierd paragraph. Next time I will work or my thierd paragraph.

Monday, February 25, 2008


THE thing that I like most is when i talk about the movies.




The thing I liked most was when I was running. The hard part was when we never get to get a drink of water and evry body was tiryed of runnig. Next time I will write a new story.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Come To Field Day

1. I typed this writing to persuave people to come to field day.

2. The best part about my story is that it persuaves people.

3. I had a hard time finding a picture of kids playing like if was field day.

4. Next time I will try to persuave people even more.

Family Math Night

This is my persuasive event that happens at Alsup Elementary School.
The thing that I liked most about my persuasive writing was that I mentioned all the things that you get to do at family math night!Something that was a challenge was making it only 5 paragraphs!Next time I will try to pick a topic.Come to family math night!


I think I did best at explaining how much A-Water costs.I had a hard time taking pictures to match my writing.Next time I will try to add more details!

RVD & Batista

I think I did very well on my writing. I struggled on the captions. Next time, I will do better on my captions.

Game Boy Advance

The I like the most about the photostory is the are cool.
The thing that I had hard time was talking into the micaphone I got nercis.Three next time I will put more pictures.

Guitar Hero.Unleash your power of Guitar Hero!!

The thing I most like is the pictures of guitar hero.The thing I had a hard time was writing the story and making up the story.Next time I will try to do a way better story than Guitar Hero,but still I like this photostory.Right now this is my best of all of my writing if ever done.

lava lamps

The thing I liked most about my photo story is that the pictures are pictures of some of my favorite lava lamps.The thing I had trouble with was how I did my recording.Next time I will want to write about wrestlers and wrestling cards.

Lead pencil

I did best on my captions. I did'nt struggle with anything. Next, I will make a better story.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Are teeth bones? What are blood clots?

These are just two of the many questions my students asked about the Magnificent Body before, during and after our unit. The others were:

Why do babies have more bones?
How many cells are in the body?
How long are small intestines?
How do the nerves work?
What is an endoskeleton?
What are the names of the bones?
Why do we need cellls?
How many bones do we have?
How does it look inside your body?
What is our body made of?
What is a ligament?
How does the diaphragm work?
What is carbon dioxide?
How tall can a human get?
What are bones made of?
How small can a human get?
How much blood can you lose?
How much can you sweat in one day?
How many times does your heart beat in one day?
How do you get an asthma attack?
How does the brain work?
How do you get a heart attack?

Room 24: Please comment with your answers that you found.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I Can't Be Modest!

Room 24, YOU ROCK!

We had the school spelling bee today and our four participants who had been diligently studying their words over the last few weeks, took 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th place! WOW!

AG took 3rd place and will be representing us at the district bee at Dupont on the 28th. I will be there with my daughter and we will be cheering her, and everyone on! She was sick as a dog the morning of the bee, but she stuck it out and went home to recover right after.

Great job to HM... "paddock" was the one that took him out, but fourth place is awesome and he was cool as a cucumber up there! MT was so relaxed, she doesn't even remember what word she missed. Next year in fifth grade, she is determined to do better than fifth place, she'll be back! AM missed "vigilante", which I have trouble spelling with a dictionary.

I am also proud of all of room 24 for cheering on your classmates and giving them all high 5s and pats on the back for a great effort. We all achieve more when we work together as a team.

Donuts for everyone!