Saturday, February 23, 2008

Come To Field Day

1. I typed this writing to persuave people to come to field day.

2. The best part about my story is that it persuaves people.

3. I had a hard time finding a picture of kids playing like if was field day.

4. Next time I will try to persuave people even more.


hector m said...

Monica,everything was good but you didnt tell them that its only at like the 6 last day of school.

edith r said...

hey monica it was good but some things don't make sense to me but u still did good.

christian a said...

I like the way you explained what you got to do at field day.

bobby g said...

nice job monicat

fernando b said...

I think your story was awesome but some things dont make sense.

abigailm said...

1st it's not persuave it's persuade
Next great story