Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Are teeth bones? What are blood clots?

These are just two of the many questions my students asked about the Magnificent Body before, during and after our unit. The others were:

Why do babies have more bones?
How many cells are in the body?
How long are small intestines?
How do the nerves work?
What is an endoskeleton?
What are the names of the bones?
Why do we need cellls?
How many bones do we have?
How does it look inside your body?
What is our body made of?
What is a ligament?
How does the diaphragm work?
What is carbon dioxide?
How tall can a human get?
What are bones made of?
How small can a human get?
How much blood can you lose?
How much can you sweat in one day?
How many times does your heart beat in one day?
How do you get an asthma attack?
How does the brain work?
How do you get a heart attack?

Room 24: Please comment with your answers that you found.


stephanie s said...

When you get an asthma attack you will feel tightness in your chest, wheezing, coughing, and restleesness while you sleep.

hector m said...
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alexisg said...

You can get an asthma attack if you have even any other diseases.For example,if you have diabeties.You might have it if you get tired easily exercising.For example,if you get tired running.Some people don't even know they have asthma.That is how an asthma attack can occur,how you can have asthma and how you could get an asthma attack.

hector m said...

according to the bible the tallest man is 11ft.His name is Goliath.

Erik G. said...
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gabe m said...
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stephanie w said...

The small intestines lancth is 20 feet.

stephanie w said...

The small intestines lancth is 20 feet.

gabe m said...

The most shortest man in the world only stands two feet and four inches his two year old son is taller.

monicat said...

The talest woman is 7 feet and 7 centimeters. And the tallest man is 2 meters and 55 centimeters. But these people still keep on growing because they have a brain tumor.

isaac a said...

Who is the oldest person in the world and america?

isaac a said...

The oldest person in the world is 128. The oldest person in america is 114.

edith r said...

What are the main parts of the brain?

The main parts of the brain are: the cerebrum, cerebellum and brain stem.

Erik G. said...

Your heart beats 36,000 times per day.

Anonymous said...

Since the solar year consists of 525,948 minutes and 48 seconds a quick calculation at the rate of 80 BPM gives us a ballpark figure of 42,075,904 beats per year give or take a couple million. A reasonable estimate for the number of heart beats in a lifetime is about 3 billion.