Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I Can't Be Modest!

Room 24, YOU ROCK!

We had the school spelling bee today and our four participants who had been diligently studying their words over the last few weeks, took 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th place! WOW!

AG took 3rd place and will be representing us at the district bee at Dupont on the 28th. I will be there with my daughter and we will be cheering her, and everyone on! She was sick as a dog the morning of the bee, but she stuck it out and went home to recover right after.

Great job to HM... "paddock" was the one that took him out, but fourth place is awesome and he was cool as a cucumber up there! MT was so relaxed, she doesn't even remember what word she missed. Next year in fifth grade, she is determined to do better than fifth place, she'll be back! AM missed "vigilante", which I have trouble spelling with a dictionary.

I am also proud of all of room 24 for cheering on your classmates and giving them all high 5s and pats on the back for a great effort. We all achieve more when we work together as a team.

Donuts for everyone!


Dave Tarwater said...

Wow, I'll say that is impressive, way to go room 24. Good luck at the district contest. Remember class I will be coming over to show you my wii project soon. I think we will do some spelling activities with it!

Joseph Miller said...

Room 24 Rocks! I am really impressed with how hard you all are working on your studies. Keep up the great work.

alexisg said...

The thing that I like about the second place winner Breanna never gave up she was 100% commited.

edith r said...

Dave tarwater when are u going to show us the wii

abigailm said...

it was schnauzer