Thursday, January 22, 2009

When I am with my freinds.

This is my writing. The best part of my writing is the songs. Next time, I need to work on my capital letters.

When I’m with my friends I enjoy playing Guitar hero. I also like because I like the songs. Also I like it because its easy.

I also like it because I because I beat my friends. When I play Guitar hero I always beat them. The reason I beat them Is because they don’t know how to play . They Also had never played it . Also they don’t look at the screen. they just look at the control and they get all the notes wrong.

I also like when the song is ending the guy throws the guitar up and then catches it The other song I really liked is Shout of the Devil and Mother. When the guy gets the power he dose a flip. Then he breaks the guitar when the song ends.

I also like Guitar Hero because its easy to play. When I play with my friends I will never get confuse. Even if I am playing with the guitar. I easy to play with the control because you just press it once. With the guitar you have to press two buttons at the same time so it would work

That is why I enjoy playing Guitar Hero. I wonder why they don’t know how to play. Would you like to play this game?

When I'm outside I enjoy . . .

The best part of my writing is my last three sentences .

What I need to work on is my middle paragraph.

When I am Outside I

Enjoy . . .

When I’m outside an activity I enjoy is swinging.

I like swinging because I feel like I’m flying. I love the air blowing in my face. I love the scenery. I can swing really high.

I love the air blowing in my face. I love the air because it cools me off. When I‘m cooled off I am not angry. I like swinging because when the air blows in my face it makes my hair fly out of my face. When my hair is out of my face I can see a lot better.

I love the scenery. I love the blue sky, yellow sun, green grass, light brown sand. White fluffy clouds, white birds and geese. I like the geese

Because sometimes they can be really quiet. I like the scenery because I love all of the beautiful colors.

I can swing really high. When I swing high I feel free. I feel free because when the air hits me in the face I feel free. It gives me excitement. It gives me excitement because I feel free.

Now you know my favorite activity when I’m outside. In case you forgot, my favorite activity is swinging. Now what’s your favorite activity?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Like Football

The best of my writing is running long yards in the football field.

What I need to work on is my spelling.

Foot Ball

When I am with my friends I like to play football. Football is my favorite sport I love.

I am the fast runner in football. I rally love to

Run log yards in the football field. Football is

Great exercise for my legs to get stronger. Football for me to be in because my lags will be

Stronger when I grow up. I am amazing to

To be in Tikal football. I am so good know buty will not cench me.

By Devon Blankenship

Thursday, January 15, 2009


When I am with friends I enjoy playing hide and seek because it is really hard to find people. I like it when they hide some where that’s hard to find them. Sometimes they hide in a car or behind a tree.
It is really fun to play Hide and Seek. It is really challenging to find people. Also it is fun when they startle you. Sometimes it is hard to decide where to hide. It is really challenging people. Also it is fun when they startle you. Sometimes it is hard to decide were to hide. It is awesome when they don’t find you.
It is funny when a person confuses me for an item that is not me. Sometimes in the dark people get confused other kids for an item like a chair. Like one time when I was playing in the dark then some body confused me for a chair. Some times I make noises and jump out and scare them. That makes me laugh so hard.
I like playing in the dark cause that makes it harder to find people. Sometimes I walk and then I trip because I can’t see where I am going. It is also painful plus sometimes I get dirt in my mouth. You can also trick them by dressing up like a scare crow and they will think you’re a real scare crow.
Tag is a really fun game to play. You should play it when you got time. Those are the reasons why I like playing.

The best part of my writing is the final paragraph I like it cause I give opinions about the game tag. Next time I will write about some thing difrent. What did you like or did not like about my writing?

I Like Playing Soccer

When I’m outside I enjoy soccer. I enjoy soccer because you can get exercise. You also get to be healthy.
I started to play in second grade. I was not very good at it. So my team won like 3 or 4 times and the other team won exactly 10 times. Every day practiced I soccer to be good at it. When I thought I was done practicing. I played soccer and I got better.

Soccer is a hard sport for me. It is a hard sport for me because when you’re playing a game you must last 2 hours in the field. Also a lot of skinny people play soccer because they run faster and last 2 hours. You also need to run a lot but when you’re tired you can’t get a drink of water only on half time. So when you start you don’t want to drink a lot of water
My favorite place is in the High School.
I like it because it is a big place to play soccer. It also gots a big field to play soccer. I like to go there because my friends also go there and some lose and some win.

That is what I do when I’m outside. I always have fun and exercise, a lot. I enjoy soccer at the High School.

The best part of my writing is typing. Next time, I need to use better expresion. What do you like to do when your outside.


When I’m outside I enjoy football because I like to run. I like to play football. I like to have fun.

I started to play football with my brother. I was too scared. My brother ran to fast. My brother tackled hard. He used to play with older people.

It made me exercise. You got to run a lot. That makes you healthy. You get to be stronger. Like your leg muscle would be stronger.

I also play football to be healthy. You so you could be healthier. If you run everyday you can be healthy. To eat a lot of fruit. Like if you eat oranges and apples you could get healthy.

When I’ enjoy football. I felt happy that I knew how to play football. So it was dark so my brother said lets go home.

My favorite part of my writing is when I talk about being healthy. Next time I need to make paraghs more longer. Did you struggled when you were in fourth

Football and Basketball is Good Exercice.

The best part in my writing is when I talked about my favorite sports.I need to better details. What is your favorite sport?Here is my writing.

When I am outside I like to play all kinds of sports. Also it is exciting because you do not know if you are going to win. It is also so fun.

It is also good exercise for your body. It is healthy for your body because it makes you stronger and faster. It also makes you healthier by just being a kid and having fun. It also makes your hart pump. When that happens that is a sign that you are getting healthier.

The sports I like to play are football and basketball. Basketball is one because I like making two pointers. Also I like doing free style moves. Football is a fun sport. It is a fun sport because you get interceptions and touch downs. I like getting touchdowns because then I can do my victory dance “oh ya”!

It is excellent. It is excellent because I get to play with my family. I like to play with my family because I have basketball hoop in my back yard. Plus I almost always win with them. Sometimes I like to play with my friends to. When I play with them I play football in my front yard. I have a lot of fun.

I think playing those sports are so cool. You should try it. Also stay healthy.