Thursday, January 22, 2009

When I am with my freinds.

This is my writing. The best part of my writing is the songs. Next time, I need to work on my capital letters.

When I’m with my friends I enjoy playing Guitar hero. I also like because I like the songs. Also I like it because its easy.

I also like it because I because I beat my friends. When I play Guitar hero I always beat them. The reason I beat them Is because they don’t know how to play . They Also had never played it . Also they don’t look at the screen. they just look at the control and they get all the notes wrong.

I also like when the song is ending the guy throws the guitar up and then catches it The other song I really liked is Shout of the Devil and Mother. When the guy gets the power he dose a flip. Then he breaks the guitar when the song ends.

I also like Guitar Hero because its easy to play. When I play with my friends I will never get confuse. Even if I am playing with the guitar. I easy to play with the control because you just press it once. With the guitar you have to press two buttons at the same time so it would work

That is why I enjoy playing Guitar Hero. I wonder why they don’t know how to play. Would you like to play this game?


MsJackson said...

You finished your writing project! Hurray! I can't believe how fast you got that typed. I really like the part about your character in Guitar Hero and how he flips and stuff!! Good job!

Ms. Jackson

Haley said...

Good job Oscar!!!Nice writing.I love playing Guitar Hero too.It's my favorite game to play.

Haley said...
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