Thursday, January 15, 2009


When I’m outside I enjoy football because I like to run. I like to play football. I like to have fun.

I started to play football with my brother. I was too scared. My brother ran to fast. My brother tackled hard. He used to play with older people.

It made me exercise. You got to run a lot. That makes you healthy. You get to be stronger. Like your leg muscle would be stronger.

I also play football to be healthy. You so you could be healthier. If you run everyday you can be healthy. To eat a lot of fruit. Like if you eat oranges and apples you could get healthy.

When I’ enjoy football. I felt happy that I knew how to play football. So it was dark so my brother said lets go home.

My favorite part of my writing is when I talk about being healthy. Next time I need to make paraghs more longer. Did you struggled when you were in fourth


Anonymous said...

Why did you put soccer if you were writing about foot ball?

eduardoroom24 said...

When I read your stary it felt like if it was 1 sentence.

Anonymous said...

I like your story because it was intersting

MsJackson said...

I really liked how you talked about when your were a little kid and played football with your brother. My brother was always bigger than me (even though he was younger) and I was afraid of him hurting me!
Good job!

Ms. Jackson

Oscar said...

Nice work Gabriel.