Thursday, January 15, 2009


When I am with friends I enjoy playing hide and seek because it is really hard to find people. I like it when they hide some where that’s hard to find them. Sometimes they hide in a car or behind a tree.
It is really fun to play Hide and Seek. It is really challenging to find people. Also it is fun when they startle you. Sometimes it is hard to decide where to hide. It is really challenging people. Also it is fun when they startle you. Sometimes it is hard to decide were to hide. It is awesome when they don’t find you.
It is funny when a person confuses me for an item that is not me. Sometimes in the dark people get confused other kids for an item like a chair. Like one time when I was playing in the dark then some body confused me for a chair. Some times I make noises and jump out and scare them. That makes me laugh so hard.
I like playing in the dark cause that makes it harder to find people. Sometimes I walk and then I trip because I can’t see where I am going. It is also painful plus sometimes I get dirt in my mouth. You can also trick them by dressing up like a scare crow and they will think you’re a real scare crow.
Tag is a really fun game to play. You should play it when you got time. Those are the reasons why I like playing.

The best part of my writing is the final paragraph I like it cause I give opinions about the game tag. Next time I will write about some thing difrent. What did you like or did not like about my writing?


Anonymous said...

Your story was super fantastic.

Franki said...

This writing reminded me all of the things that I loved about hide and seek when I played it a LONG time ago. Sometimes as adults, we forget the fun of a game we used to play. Your writing was so good that it made me think about the fun we used to have playing the same game! Thanks for sharing.

Cathy said...

I'm really curious about how you ended up with dirt in your mouth! Your writing also reminded me of playing hide and seek on summer nights when I was a kid.

haili said...

A good part of your writing is your details. How did you end up with dirt in your mouth?!