Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Like Playing Soccer

When I’m outside I enjoy soccer. I enjoy soccer because you can get exercise. You also get to be healthy.
I started to play in second grade. I was not very good at it. So my team won like 3 or 4 times and the other team won exactly 10 times. Every day practiced I soccer to be good at it. When I thought I was done practicing. I played soccer and I got better.

Soccer is a hard sport for me. It is a hard sport for me because when you’re playing a game you must last 2 hours in the field. Also a lot of skinny people play soccer because they run faster and last 2 hours. You also need to run a lot but when you’re tired you can’t get a drink of water only on half time. So when you start you don’t want to drink a lot of water
My favorite place is in the High School.
I like it because it is a big place to play soccer. It also gots a big field to play soccer. I like to go there because my friends also go there and some lose and some win.

That is what I do when I’m outside. I always have fun and exercise, a lot. I enjoy soccer at the High School.

The best part of my writing is typing. Next time, I need to use better expresion. What do you like to do when your outside.


Anonymous said...

I like your paragraph cause it has lots of details.

Anonymous said...

You did good in your story

haili said...

good details

MsJackson said...

I think your story is really good! Great job!
I like soccer too, but I'm really not very good at it. I step on the ball a lot and then fall on my face! Plus, I don't run fast enough, but I still have a good time!
Do you play for a team?

Ms. Jackson

Oscar said...
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Oscar said...

Nice work on your writing.