Thursday, January 15, 2009

Football and Basketball is Good Exercice.

The best part in my writing is when I talked about my favorite sports.I need to better details. What is your favorite sport?Here is my writing.

When I am outside I like to play all kinds of sports. Also it is exciting because you do not know if you are going to win. It is also so fun.

It is also good exercise for your body. It is healthy for your body because it makes you stronger and faster. It also makes you healthier by just being a kid and having fun. It also makes your hart pump. When that happens that is a sign that you are getting healthier.

The sports I like to play are football and basketball. Basketball is one because I like making two pointers. Also I like doing free style moves. Football is a fun sport. It is a fun sport because you get interceptions and touch downs. I like getting touchdowns because then I can do my victory dance “oh ya”!

It is excellent. It is excellent because I get to play with my family. I like to play with my family because I have basketball hoop in my back yard. Plus I almost always win with them. Sometimes I like to play with my friends to. When I play with them I play football in my front yard. I have a lot of fun.

I think playing those sports are so cool. You should try it. Also stay healthy.


Anonymous said...

Why did you talk about two sports?

MsJackson said...

Wow Jose, you sound super fit and healthy. Maybe I need to run around and play more basketball and football. I really want to see your victory dance and your "freestyle moves." Your project turned out awesome! Great job!

Ms. Jackson