Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our South Platte River Community

This IB unit was entitled Give and Take and addresses the limited resources in our world. Students were challenged to build a section of a community on the edge of a river. This is loosely based on our own community, so they were also challenged to add a community center, an amusement park, a college, a football stadium, a wildlife preserve and a power plant. Their communities should reflect their knowledge of renewable and nonrenewable resources and how a community reduces pollution and waste. In addition to this project, students also completed an expository writing about ways that they think we could help our environment. Those writings are also posted below. We also experimented with a "Wall Wisher" which is posted here. Double click to add a comment of your own.

We collaborated on this project with Mrs. Heaton's fourth graders from Mossy Oaks Elementary in Beaufort, South Carolina. They mirrored this process in their class and we are going to spend some time looking at the issues that they feel are important in developing their community, and how those issues are the same and different from ours. Thanks to Mrs. Heaton's class!

Great job room24, this is a great start. If there were more than a handful of days left we would continue to discuss in class. This is certainly a discussion you will need to have throughout your lives. Comments are welcome.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our Conservation Wall


A part of our community is a capital,a family dollar store, and an airport. The first problem is the pollution is noise our airport will be far away from the houses. Under 300 people will live with silence.
Laws we can make are reduce, reuse ,recycle ,ride your bike more.
Also everything is free.

Loveland, Our Community

Our part of the community has trash cans in my community for trash. The first problem in our community is picking up trash and put it in the trash can. The solution is having a lot of trash cans in our city. The second problem is where do we get seeds to plant flowers? The solution is plant plants in our city then you get the seeds from the plants.


Our part of the community has a museum, a car fixing auto parts place and a recycling plant, a hospital, a flower shop, and a mail delivery business. The first problem in our community is how are we watering flowers. The solution is we water them and use the water again after it is clean. The second problem is where do we get the seeds to plant flowers. We get them naturally from plants and use them. We never get them from stores. The last problem is they use broken car parts for fixing cars and they recycle paper and plastics they use.


Our part of the community has a park and a restraunt, farms, and houses.

The pollution that comes from INVESCO FIELD is alot .The solution is to recycle and reuse trash.

The energy used from the houses is polluting.We should use solar panels.

The water used at the park is kind of polluted.The solution is to clean the water at the park.


Our part of the community has a public bathroom,a visiting sign,a farm,a community center,and a store and house.
The first problem in our community is that people are wasteful.The solution is that these people have recycle bin to recycle.
The second problem is that people don't know how to use the environment.The solution is that they will educate people in the community center.
The third problem is that in farms animals poop to much.The solution is that they could use poop to make soil for plants.

Our Community

Our part of the community has Elitches and we have an ice cream stand. We also have a candy shop,aquarium ,and recycling center. We also have a school, hospital, and police station.The first problem in our community is there's alot of trash at Elitches.The solution is to put trash cans and recycling bins all around.The second problem is that a wild life preserve doesn't give much to the community.The solution is to also preserve trees to give us oxygen.

Our Community

Our little community has a green house and also a college plus a Mcdonalds.
The first problem in our community is that people throw away too much trash. are solution is to put recycling bens everywhere.The second problem is that people cut down too many trees. So we have are own green house.The third problem is that people don't recycle so are solution is that we have college so people learn how to save and plant trees and to learn how to recycle.


Those are the ways we cant are care of the envierment .First I could ride my bike to the store or tokingsoopers.Also I corride my biketo the corner star I If rate my bike every whereit way down are or rossil felss.If would cout les money and cutdown treesgive us ocujin if we cut down all of the trees then we will dy. then we will make motorcycles run off of water.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Don't Pollute, Use Your electric car More

We can take care of the environment by doing some simple things. You should reduce trash, keep the earth clean and invent electric cars.

The first thing we should do is ride bikes. I ride my bike to King Soopers. I can also ride my bike to the corner store. If I rode my bike everywhere it would cut down on the use of fossil fuels. It would cost less money and cut down on pollution.

The second thing is to keep the earth clean. We can keep the earth clean by throwing the trash away and recycling paper and bottles. We should recycle or else the earth will be polluted.

The last thing is to invent electric cars. We should invent electric cars by wires and if a wire breaks you can replace it with a powerful electric ball. So we won't pollute because from the back of the normal cars throw out bad air.

I would like to take care of the environment so we won't pollute. How would you take care of the environment to make it better. Also, I would love my world to be a better place to live.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How ToHelp our environment

we could take better care of our environment by doing some very simple things.

First I could ride my bike. I ride my bike to king suppers.I
can also ride it to the corner store.If I rode my bike everywhere ,It would cut down on the pollution.

Next, I could pick up trash.I can pick up trash so some pollution can go away.I can also, pick up trash from everywhere so some animals won't die by eating trash and choking .You can do it by spotting a piece of trash and recycling it or through it in the trash.Also,by eating your food and when your done through it in the trash.

Finally ,I could recycle bottles,cans,and newspaper.You could do the same thing by noticing your helping the environment.Also,recycle things that can be used again with helping the environment to.Also if you see a can or a bottle you can next time recycle it.Also,you can recycle paper mostly because it can be reused so our trees won't die and get wasted.

I hope you use my ideas.Won't you like to work on helping the environment.That's how we can help our environment.

Save our environment

We can take better care of are environment by doing some very simple things. Like ride my bike more.And I can fix things. Also I won't cut trees down.

First, I can ride my bike more often. I ride my bike to king soopers. I can also ride my bike to the corner store. If I ride my bike every where it will cut down on the fossel fuels.It would cost less money and cut down on pillution to.

next, I could fix things. So kids won' be sad that they lost a toy.And so it won't be a wast of money. I would go to a store and get the stuff. Like skrews, glue, and nails.

Finally, I won't cut trees down. I wouldn't cut them down so fields will still look good. And so I can make a tree house. When people try to cut a tree down I will tell them to stop. Because it will be hard to plant them.

We can take better care of are environment by doing some very simple things. like ride my my bike. I can fix things. Also I won't cut trees down.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Help our Environment!

We can take care of the environment by doing some very simple things. You should ride your bike , recycle things , and reuse stuff. I hope you do the things I wrote there.

First , You could ride you bike more. You couldbe able to ride to King Soopers. If you rode your bike everywhere it would cut down on the use of fossil fuels. It would cost less money and cut down on pollution too.

Next , You could recycle things. You will recycle things so it will be used for something. Also so it will not pollute. You will put newspaper and cans to the recycle bin.But you could more so thee house could be clean.

Finally , you could reuse stuff. You will reuse staff so you could still have them. Also to save money. When the scooter breaks you could fix it. And so you could use it again.

That is how we can take better care of our environment. By riding bikes , recycle , and reusing. I hope you remember this stuff so you could do them.

We cold take better care of the enviorment by diog some very simple things.You shouid ride your bike to the KingsSuppers or your corner store. You aiso shoul not throw things to the trash. Finally dontcut down trees enymore.

First you soul ride your bike to KingsSuppers. You sould also ride it to your coner store.If you ride your bike every wher you could save more money for gas. If I rode my bike everywher It would cut plom on the fossilfeal. That is some ways to save money.

Next Icould rcycle. Icould recycle because I want to help the enviorment. I couldrecycle because If I dont I have to throw things to the trash. I want to rcycle because the paper dosent go to the trash. It is a waste.

Finally I dont want to cut down trees. I dont want to cut down trees because I want to help the enviorment.Also because I to get more paper. Also I want to get more pencils.That are some reasons how they cant be cut down.

Those wer some reasons how to save the enviorment.By rcycleling. By not cuting trees down .By rideing bikes alot. Finally dont cut down trees.

ways to save the envirnment

We can save the envirnmentby doing some very simple things.You should ride more bikes,building houses out of frozen newspaper,andhave an electrict cars.I hope you use my ideas.

First I can ride my bike more.I can ride my bike to the corner store.If rode my bike every it would reduce the use of fossil fuels.I can ride my bike to kingsoopers.Also I think we should ride bikes instead of getting drove.

Next I could build houses out of frozen news paper.So that we can have more beautiful trees.So that we can have more trees.If we built houses out of news paper we could have more trees.All you have to do is freeze news paper.Freeze it for three days and you'll have a block of news paper.

we could we could have electric cars.One good thing is that we wont have polluted air.We also wouldn't have acid rain.If we take electric motors instead of gas ,we can make cars run off of rain water,or wind.This will increase global warming.

Thats what i think about this problem.this is a environmental writing.Now don't come back until you helped the environment.


We could take better care of our ENVIRONMENT by doing very simple things.So we could have more cleaner world.We wont waste more trees.

First, I could ride my bike more.I ride my bike to KING SOOPERS.I can also ride it to the corner store.If I rode my bike every were,cut down on the use of FUSSELS FUELS.It would cost less money and cut down on pollution to.

Next,I could buy an ELECTRIC Car.So I wont waste POLLUTION that much.I wont waste pollution for rest of the world.By working and saving money.Then buy it, so cheap.

Finally, I could pick up trash.So the world would get cleaned.The world would not get dirty.By getting gloves and a trash bag and start picking up.

I don't want to see you until you help our ENVIRONMENT.This is how our ENVIRONMENT could get clean.That is how our help our ENVIRONMENT.

Keep Our Earth Clean We can take car of our environment by doing simpal things. By piching up trash and put it in the trash can. Resical things that can be use agien. Keep our earth clean by don't wast resouces that can be use agian.Finuly i could have a electrice cars. Don't put things that can be resicaled in the trashcan put it in the resicaled bean. We shoud have electrice cars becaues gas cars spred gas and kills the plants. You should read this becaues you can git infermashun.


We can take care of our environment by doing some very simple things like doing these reduce,reuse,and recycle.those are called the three r's.

I could ride my bike more.If I rode my bike ever where it would cost less money and helps stop pultion.I ride my bike to the corner storer .

next I could reuse . I could give my small clothes to my cousin .this will help save the cotton plants .we could also reuse grocery bags .we could use them not to waste trees.

finally,I could recycle.Recycling helps save the trees not be cut down.This also helps the so the animals can still live in the forest.

Thats three things we could do to save the world.You should think about doing these things .Rember alaways recycle trash!!!


We could take care of our enviroment by doing some very simple help our world.we could use electric cars.ride our bikes more and we could not cut down trees.

First,we could ride our bikes more.because we could get a lot of exercise. if i rode my bike more i would cut down on fossle fuels.and cut down on money.and also cut down on palution.

Then,i could use an electric car. because it is used over solar energy. the solar energy maskes it go. and it is used over solar panles. the solar panles make it stop.

NEXT, i could not cut down trees.because if you planted them again it would take about 2 or 3
years to grow again. and it is a renewable resourse.and because some trees could die.and some people polute.

Finally,those are the three simple things. to help our world. those are the three things i do to help our world.

We could take care of our environment by doing some very simple things.You should pick up trash.You should also fix broken toys and ride your bike more.

I can ride my bike more.I can ride my bike to King Soopers.I can also ride it to the corner store.If I rode my bike everywhere, it would cut down on the use of fossil fuels, and less pollution.It will cost less money.

Next, I could fix my broken toys and bike.It will be fun.I will be able to make a new toy.I will be able to use tools.It will cause less trash in the dump.

Finally, I will pick up trash.It will help our environment.It will also keep us from tripping.If the park has trash we won't be able to play in it.It will keep us from falling on cans.

That is my writing.Now go save the world.Do you recycle?


Three things im going to tell you to help the earth! PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE WATER ON WHEN NOT IN USE!!!!! Also please stop leaving the tv on when not using it! One more very important thing is dont leave the lights on! We could do to take care of the envirment is to ride our bikes.It will keep you in shape. I can go to the corner store.

Next,we can build houses out of ice!we can becose it can water the grass when it melts.somtimes i can cut the walls and drink the water in it. I can also put stuff in it.

Lastly,I can recycle.I can help the earth.also reuse things.recycle cans.I can get used things. So please recyclemore and do your part.The earth needs you.Will you recycle?BY FERNANDO

We could help our environment by doing very simple things.We can do things to help our world.You could ride your bike more,and to stop cutting down trees we also could pick up trash.

First, we can stop using those power polluting cars.I can ride my bike to King Soopers.Also I can ride my bike to the corner store.If I rode my bike everywhere it would make a difference.It also saves big money.

To also save the environment we can stop cutting down trees.If we do not cut down we will have more oxygen.If you do not cut down we will not have a frown.We can stop cutting down by recycling.You can also write a letter.

Last,we can pickup trash.We can live better if we pick up trash.Also to bed good stewards.We can help a little every day.You could pick up everywhere you go.

So now you heard how you can help.You can be a great steward.What ever you do you can help the world.


In order to help our environment is we have to tell people to do the right thing.I'm going to tell
my three ideas to make the environment more better.They are riding more bikes,don't keep bad factories,and don't cut down trees.

My first,
paragraph is telling you that you should ride more bikes because they cut down your paying gas.
And gas will cost less for you!And you will get more people riding bikes.You can ride them to
the corner store.

The second,thing that I'm going to tell you is that we should not keep
harmful factories.You should not go near harmful factories because the pollution will sometimes get in you.You can still keep factories that are not harmful and dangerous.
Also you can not cut down trees because that is one of the things that gives you oxygen it will also harm people.that is why you should not cut down our trees.

Those were my three

great ideas that I wrote.I hope you liked it.The enviornment might get saved by our ideas.

By:Vanessa Martinez.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

We could take better care of our environment by doing some very simple things.There are lots of things we should do to take care of the renewable and non renewable resources that we have.We can do that by conserving electricity,water,and fossil fuels.

First,I could ride my bike more.I could ride my bike to King Soopers .I can also ride it to the corner store.If I rode my bike everywhere it could cut down on the use of fossil fuels.It would cost less money and cut down on pollution too.

Next ,I could watch less TV.It would be good for my eye sight.I would use less electricity.I'd do my homework instead.I could go out to play.

Finally,I would take less time in the shower. I would use less water.Also,I would also have spare
time.I would stop at a certain time. I could hurry up.

That's how I can take care of the environment.Just in 3 simple steps.I love the environment,and I hope you like it too.


We could take better care of our environment by doing some very simple things. You and I should both ride our bikes, reuse, and pick up any trash we see.So now I hope you like the three things I am going to tell you.

First,me and you should ride our bikes more often.I ride my bike to KING SOOPERS.Also I ride it to the corner store because, why ride a car to a place that's so close.Also if we ride our bikes everywhere it would cut down on the use of fossil fuels.Also it will keep you in shape and cost less money and cut down on pollution.

Second,me and you should reuse stuff we usually throw away.If we do this less land would be polluted.Also it will make people not cut down trees to make dump spaces.If we reuse some of your stuff won't get lost.You can use a paper cup for example, you can put marbles in a cup or other tiny objects in it.

Finally,we can pick up trash we see.If we do this less land will be polluted.Also animals won't eat the trash and die.This will help us by not having such dirty places.It will also help by keeping our planet green.

those are all the ways we can keep our environment clean, healthy ,and very green.Don't you think we should help our environment live?Now go and help our environment NOW and don't come back till you have!!!!!!!


How to help the environment

We should take better care of our environment by doing very simple things.Like riding bikes,riding electric cars, and not cutting down trees.I hope you enjoy it!

First, we should ride bikes more often.We could ride are bikes to King supers. Or I can ride it to the corner store.We should do it cause it would cut down in the use of fossil fuels.It will also cost less money and cut down pollution.

second, we should use electric cars.Electric cars don't pollute that much.they use electricity instead of fuel.we should buy one.They are very use full.

Finally, We should not cut down trees.We should use plastic instead of trees.Trees are a renewable recourse but have limits.We should also recycle paper and not waste it. Stop making paper air planes.

Those are all the things you could to take care of our environment.Do you think we should take care of our environment?Now go and don't come back till you've helped the enviornment!

Taking care of our environment

We could take care of our environment by doing some simple things.
we are going to tell you about nonrenewable and renewable resources.
I hope you conserve ride bikes,recycle and reuse.

First I could ride my bike more.
I ride my bike to king supers.
I can also really like to ride my bike to the corner store.
If I ride rode my bike everywhere,it would cut down on
fossil fuels and with pollution.
It would also cut down on money too.

Next,I can recycle to help out.
I think recycling is fun because
can help people from littering.
To help people from littering pick up everything
you see.The more we pick up the more the world gets
clean.If people stop littering the air or anything else
wont get polluted.

Finally,I could reuse to help the world from pollution.
I can reuse to help trash people.
trash people can carry heavy things ,
but trash people can even rip the bag from
heavy toys that can be reused.
If you think that your little
brother broke your toy,well
just add a dab of glue and you
wont be mad at your brother for the
rest of your life.

I hope you understand those three R paragraphs.
Ride bikes,recycle and reuse.Those three are things you
can be doing instead of playing video
games all day long.

Help Our Planet

We could take better care of our enviorment by doing some very simple things.I am going to tell tell you three things i do.I hope you like them.

First, I ride my bike more.I ride my bike to KING SOOPERS and to the corner store.If i rode my bike everywhere, It would cut down on the bill of fossil fuels. It would cost less money and cut down on pullution.

Next, I could pick up trash. I pick up trash if I see outside on the floor.I pick up trash in my house to.If i pick up trash everyday our planet would not be so dirty. And then we would not have to pay the price.

Finally, I would not cut down trees. I reuse the paper Iuse over again. And I recycle paper after I am done using it. if we use paper over again it would save trees. We need trees because they give us oxygen.

Thats all three things I do to help our planet. And you can help our planet by making up your ideas to help our planet.

BY Lydia

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


If I had a magical car imagine what I would be able to do.I would be able to go anywhere.Icould be continued


I like to play Bakugan with Jose.r and Jose.v Then I like to play Monkey in the Middle with my brother and Jose V.

I live with my grandma and my brother and my grandpa and my sisters. My brother sits on the bed to watch TV. Sometimes me and him play outside.

My friends are Luis and Jose. We play basketball and we play soccer. Then we go to my house and get something to eat. Then we go back outside and play soccer. Then I play football. My favorite thing to do is play Bakugon. Then I play with my other friend and jump on his trampoline.


Hilarious, Cool
entertaining, Impressing,loving
Sweet,Awesome Difficulty,funky
pranking,joking and laughing.
wanted, enthusiastic

Where I Live
An area that I live next to is a high school,baceball field,my friends house,and a dump.

my family is ...
my mom, Timothy,me,my little brother fat boy,
My real big bad sister Dominique.Shes forteen
years old.

My Best Friends Forever are Haley,Chantelle
Lisbet,Yesinia,Katherin Lusinda,Mariah and Cynthia.

My favorite places
My favorite place is Eliches, my friends houses.Plus going to special places.

Jose V.

Robot Chicken
Evil, scary
It's a evil robot
Robot Chicken
Where I'm From
Where I'm from there is a park a corner store and two rivers also kids are playing basketball and playing on slides, swings, and monkey bars.
One thing of my history that me and my sister and three of my cousins were born in the USA and my mom and my dad and all the rest of my family was born in Mexico.
My friends are Ramiro, Eduardo, Oscar, Gabriel and we like to play basketball, football and tag but we mostly play basketball.
My favorite thing to play is basketball, monkey in the middle, hide and seek in the night, catch, baseball and soccer with my friends.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Jumping,fooling beating

My life.places near my house are the park ,Ace,playground,and baseball field.
My family hisory is I have 3 broters and 1 sister.We are 7 together with my mom and dad.
My freinds are Eduardo,Jose.v,Romiro,Gabriel,Alejandro,Raymundo,Juan,Adan,Miguel,andFernando.We like to play soccer and videogames.
My favorite things to do aer play soccer and videogames.


Robot Chicken
Vicious Evil
Laughing Hitting Watching
You Have Much Fun
Playing Singing Boring
Cool Awesome


Stuff around my house is trees,cars,trailers,gas stations,pools,stores,dogs and fences.

I have four brothers and a sister also my mom and dad.

I have lots of friends but I will tell you some Ramiro,Carlos,Miguel,Devon,Jose.v and more.Me and my friends like to play games.

My favorite things are games sports playing with dogs and going to school.

Monday, April 13, 2009

where i'm from!

Where I'm From
I live by a park
and there is always
kids outside .

I have a
mom and dad
brother and sister

I have 2 bff's
there names are
chantelle and sydeney.

my favorite
thing to do is
play with friends.

Diamante poem

use watch
learning playing siting
fun learning and more
cleaning talking telling
listen learn

Thursday, April 9, 2009


fury , ugly

running , scaring , frightening
scary hairy ugly creatures
shedding , peeling , feeling
evil , smart

Were I'm From
I can see the play ground,school
fence,cars,and the front doors of
the school.

I have a brother , two sisters ,a mom, a dad and they all like to play at the park.

I have friends named Servando,Fernando, Jose v,Jose R,and all like to play football.

My favorite things to do are play outside,ride my bike, and play football with my friends.



I live in commerce city a park is near me with a fence grinning at me whenever I go by.
my family are all Mexicans only my brother isn't Mexican. Nobody in my gleeful family is rich. I have over 50 people in my family!
my friends make me laugh with funny jokes. I have lots of friends Freddy, Carlos, Daniel, Miguel, and Jose.R. I like to play video games. I like fables and myths. I like adventures in far of ilands. I dont like sports. my favorite animal is a spider monkey.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


you , get , big , air

Where I'm From Poem

I live in commerce city, theres a baseball field,skate park,bike jumps,library and a school.My house is split in half and one half is my neighbors and the other side is mine.I have a really big yard.

My family is a big family of 3 nieces,2 nephews and mom and dad are split apart .My nieces names are nadily ,Faythe,hope and nephews are Sebastian and gabrial.I come from Corbindalle
.My dads name is jerry mckellip and my moms name is kelley gillman.

I have five freinds .Duke has a mini pocket bike.I have three friendes at school and my next door neaibor is my freaind to.

My favorit things to do are to fly airplanes and to ride dirtbikes.Also I like to ride bmx and race racecars.



Where I'm from
There is a park near my house.
I have friends that live by me.
I have two sisters and two brothers.
But im different because im native american.
I have over 300 friends at my old school Rose Hill.
I have at least 10 freinds at Alsup.
I really like a game called bakugan.
I also like a game called mortal combat v.s dc universe.
from Freddie


Easy fun
Fun run a lot plans and more
hard juke

Where I'm From
The area is a high school and a store. In the high school and a store. In the store is crouded because they have lots of food. In the high school theres soccer practice and haveto warm up so they be ready for the soccer game.
Im a kid thats 10 years old. I have mom and dad. I even have 5 systers and 3 brothers. I have my grandparents still.
I have some friends in my neighhood and on our school. The friends on my neighboorhood I dont see them often. The friends in the school I always see them.
My fovorite things are soccer and football. Another fovorite thing to do is play videogames most of the day. I like to messaround sometimes or sometimes I dont feel like it.


Where I'm From
Theres a school and a football court.Theres also kids playing soccer and grown ups playing baseball.

I have two brothers and a mom and dad.I have a great grandma and more than 10 uncles.I also have four grandparents.

I have 40 friends they are all funny except one.There never mean and only sometimes are they serious.

I like to play outside.And I like to wrestle.Plus I like to play videogames.

Family Guy
Is a spectacular show


fast,fun,ride 2wheels
ther is a skate park near my house.

there are girls in front of my house every day
I have 2 sisters a step dad areal dad a grand father a grandmother 2 unckels1aunt6 cousins 2 dogs 7frogs 2tutels we like to bike swim and play video game listen to rap and rock watch t.v.

Jose R.

A fun and cool sport,

I live right by the park in the night it is really dark. I also live by the train in the morning it shakes my brain.

I am right in the middle between my grandpa who plays the fiddle.

I have a lot of friends I could name them right of the bat. Here they are Servondo, Fernando, Jeremy and Zack.

My favorite things are my 360, geez I wish I could play it in the car.Also I love my family as heck if I did not know them I would cry on my front deck.


Cynthia's wild self

Fixing our economies problems
nice ,wonderful
Were I'm From
Near my home there is a park. It is a nice and quiet neighborhood.
I have one brother and a halfbrother. Icome from a great family. I have a friend named Chantelle and two friends named Vanessa and Haley.
My favorite foods are Mexican and Chinese foods.
I love to read, especially mystery, adventure and myths. And I really like school.



Fast and Furious
Lamborghinis are Really Fast
Nitro and Turbo

My Self

There is a park dusty sometimes it has trees. It is not big. We are going to make a new fence.

I have a mom and dad with 4 brothers and 2 sisters. I have 2 turtles and their names are Shrek and Burrow.

I have some friends there are Oscar, Adan, Gabe, Jorge, Jose V. and Ramiro. We like to go to the park and break stuff.

I like to hear rap songs, go to the park. Also I like basketball and soccer.


Foot Ball
Its fun and harnd.
WE takal very harnd.
Throwing, spning, runing.
Its crzy and harnd.

Where I'm From The gas station is a block a away from my house. I walk there every weekends. My family history is to live in the trailer park for there rest of there lives. Daniel is in my trailer park. We play a lot of foot ball to have some fun. My favorite thing in my trailer park is to play with my friends in the field or in there house.


I live in a house,with a pool,a park,a gas station,houses,trees, and a river.

I am a daughter, I have two brothers, four sisters.

I have 13 friends, some are bigger, some are smaller.

My favorite things to do are ride
bikes,dance,homework,and the wii.

it is so cool.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Probability VoiceThread

Here is room24's voicethread where you created bar graphs showing the numbers that you rolled with two dice. You then should have made comments on the voicethread based on the instructions on the first slide. Anyone with a voicethread account can comment on this. We would be interested to hear what others have to say about some of the data you see on these graphs. For example, one group rolled a 12 more often then any other number!! We didn't expect that!

Here is wiki that was developed specifically to collect ways that educators are using VoiceThread.

(Here's the link so you can view a larger version on the VoiceThread website.)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Better playground

My favorite part of my writing is the last sentence.

The thing I need to work on is my details

Jose R. 2-17-09 Persuasive Writing

With the extra fundraiser money we can have a better playground. It would be the coolest thing ever. Also, we will not be board the whole time. Finally, we will have a lot more fun.

It would be so cool. It would because we get to play more. Also we will have a lot more activities. Those games will be the fun nest games ever. We also will play more because the playground will be gigantic.

We also will not be board. We will not because us kids will be chatting and hanging out. We will have a lot more fun with the new equipment. Also when we are being crazy out there it is kids just being kids. When we are out side we love it.

That will really mean a lot to us. If you did it you would be number one in my book “yeah”!!! It will really make us happy. I will even clean it up every day if I have to. Think about it, it would be really cool.

So you herd it from kids there selves. They really want it. Also you do not want to make them crazy trust me because I am one of them. So please do it or we will boo it.

denver broncos

The best part of my writing is the broncos have three of the best people.

The thing I need to work on is that i need a better conclusion.

Freddie 2-17-09 persuasive writing

The best sports team is the Denver Broncos. The best sports team is the Denver Broncos because they are the greatest team in the AFC. They also have a great record in the AFC.

I like the Denver broncos because they get better and better and try their hardest to make it to another super bowl. The first time we got john Elway we made it to a super bowl and lost. Then we made it again and won that super bowl and we won the year after. First they beat the Atlanta falcons 32-29. Then we beat the green bay packers 42-28.

I also like the Denver broncos because they had 3 of the best people to play in the super bowl 32 and 33.they had Jerry Rice, John Elway, and Terrell Davis. They are all named MVP in the most of the games they played. Jerry Rice was the most important player on our team because he was named MVP three times. John Elway and Terrell Davis were only named twice in the 2 super bowls.

I also like the Denver broncos because of how hard they try to make it to another super bowl this year. The broncos have three new rookies. The new rookies’ names are Eddie Royal, one is also named Jay cutler, and the last one is Tatum bell. They will try to make it to another super bowl. The broncos will definitely win with our new coach McDaniel.

That’s why the Denver broncos are the best sports team ever. Will the broncos make it to a super bowl again? I think the broncos will.

Monday, February 2, 2009


My favorite hobby is Dodge Ball. I like it because it is fun. Also my brothers play that hobby.
You could get exercises. I like to be healthy. I like to be healthy so I could run more and have fun. I also like sports. I like sports because my uncle also likes sports.
You also get to hit people. The other people also get to hit me. It hurts when they hit you hard. It is fun when you hit people and when they hit you. Some people cry because some people hit hard.
You also get to do teamwork. All of the other teams make plans. They make plans to win. They also protect people that might get hit by a ball. They protect them because they don’t want them to cry. That is my favorite hobby. I have fun when I play it. My brothers enjoy it too.

What I liked about it is that I talked about Dodge Ball.
Next time I will put more action.
Over all I feel good.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

When I am with my freinds.

This is my writing. The best part of my writing is the songs. Next time, I need to work on my capital letters.

When I’m with my friends I enjoy playing Guitar hero. I also like because I like the songs. Also I like it because its easy.

I also like it because I because I beat my friends. When I play Guitar hero I always beat them. The reason I beat them Is because they don’t know how to play . They Also had never played it . Also they don’t look at the screen. they just look at the control and they get all the notes wrong.

I also like when the song is ending the guy throws the guitar up and then catches it The other song I really liked is Shout of the Devil and Mother. When the guy gets the power he dose a flip. Then he breaks the guitar when the song ends.

I also like Guitar Hero because its easy to play. When I play with my friends I will never get confuse. Even if I am playing with the guitar. I easy to play with the control because you just press it once. With the guitar you have to press two buttons at the same time so it would work

That is why I enjoy playing Guitar Hero. I wonder why they don’t know how to play. Would you like to play this game?

When I'm outside I enjoy . . .

The best part of my writing is my last three sentences .

What I need to work on is my middle paragraph.

When I am Outside I

Enjoy . . .

When I’m outside an activity I enjoy is swinging.

I like swinging because I feel like I’m flying. I love the air blowing in my face. I love the scenery. I can swing really high.

I love the air blowing in my face. I love the air because it cools me off. When I‘m cooled off I am not angry. I like swinging because when the air blows in my face it makes my hair fly out of my face. When my hair is out of my face I can see a lot better.

I love the scenery. I love the blue sky, yellow sun, green grass, light brown sand. White fluffy clouds, white birds and geese. I like the geese

Because sometimes they can be really quiet. I like the scenery because I love all of the beautiful colors.

I can swing really high. When I swing high I feel free. I feel free because when the air hits me in the face I feel free. It gives me excitement. It gives me excitement because I feel free.

Now you know my favorite activity when I’m outside. In case you forgot, my favorite activity is swinging. Now what’s your favorite activity?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Like Football

The best of my writing is running long yards in the football field.

What I need to work on is my spelling.

Foot Ball

When I am with my friends I like to play football. Football is my favorite sport I love.

I am the fast runner in football. I rally love to

Run log yards in the football field. Football is

Great exercise for my legs to get stronger. Football for me to be in because my lags will be

Stronger when I grow up. I am amazing to

To be in Tikal football. I am so good know buty will not cench me.

By Devon Blankenship

Thursday, January 15, 2009


When I am with friends I enjoy playing hide and seek because it is really hard to find people. I like it when they hide some where that’s hard to find them. Sometimes they hide in a car or behind a tree.
It is really fun to play Hide and Seek. It is really challenging to find people. Also it is fun when they startle you. Sometimes it is hard to decide where to hide. It is really challenging people. Also it is fun when they startle you. Sometimes it is hard to decide were to hide. It is awesome when they don’t find you.
It is funny when a person confuses me for an item that is not me. Sometimes in the dark people get confused other kids for an item like a chair. Like one time when I was playing in the dark then some body confused me for a chair. Some times I make noises and jump out and scare them. That makes me laugh so hard.
I like playing in the dark cause that makes it harder to find people. Sometimes I walk and then I trip because I can’t see where I am going. It is also painful plus sometimes I get dirt in my mouth. You can also trick them by dressing up like a scare crow and they will think you’re a real scare crow.
Tag is a really fun game to play. You should play it when you got time. Those are the reasons why I like playing.

The best part of my writing is the final paragraph I like it cause I give opinions about the game tag. Next time I will write about some thing difrent. What did you like or did not like about my writing?

I Like Playing Soccer

When I’m outside I enjoy soccer. I enjoy soccer because you can get exercise. You also get to be healthy.
I started to play in second grade. I was not very good at it. So my team won like 3 or 4 times and the other team won exactly 10 times. Every day practiced I soccer to be good at it. When I thought I was done practicing. I played soccer and I got better.

Soccer is a hard sport for me. It is a hard sport for me because when you’re playing a game you must last 2 hours in the field. Also a lot of skinny people play soccer because they run faster and last 2 hours. You also need to run a lot but when you’re tired you can’t get a drink of water only on half time. So when you start you don’t want to drink a lot of water
My favorite place is in the High School.
I like it because it is a big place to play soccer. It also gots a big field to play soccer. I like to go there because my friends also go there and some lose and some win.

That is what I do when I’m outside. I always have fun and exercise, a lot. I enjoy soccer at the High School.

The best part of my writing is typing. Next time, I need to use better expresion. What do you like to do when your outside.


When I’m outside I enjoy football because I like to run. I like to play football. I like to have fun.

I started to play football with my brother. I was too scared. My brother ran to fast. My brother tackled hard. He used to play with older people.

It made me exercise. You got to run a lot. That makes you healthy. You get to be stronger. Like your leg muscle would be stronger.

I also play football to be healthy. You so you could be healthier. If you run everyday you can be healthy. To eat a lot of fruit. Like if you eat oranges and apples you could get healthy.

When I’ enjoy football. I felt happy that I knew how to play football. So it was dark so my brother said lets go home.

My favorite part of my writing is when I talk about being healthy. Next time I need to make paraghs more longer. Did you struggled when you were in fourth

Football and Basketball is Good Exercice.

The best part in my writing is when I talked about my favorite sports.I need to better details. What is your favorite sport?Here is my writing.

When I am outside I like to play all kinds of sports. Also it is exciting because you do not know if you are going to win. It is also so fun.

It is also good exercise for your body. It is healthy for your body because it makes you stronger and faster. It also makes you healthier by just being a kid and having fun. It also makes your hart pump. When that happens that is a sign that you are getting healthier.

The sports I like to play are football and basketball. Basketball is one because I like making two pointers. Also I like doing free style moves. Football is a fun sport. It is a fun sport because you get interceptions and touch downs. I like getting touchdowns because then I can do my victory dance “oh ya”!

It is excellent. It is excellent because I get to play with my family. I like to play with my family because I have basketball hoop in my back yard. Plus I almost always win with them. Sometimes I like to play with my friends to. When I play with them I play football in my front yard. I have a lot of fun.

I think playing those sports are so cool. You should try it. Also stay healthy.