Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Cynthia's wild self

Fixing our economies problems
nice ,wonderful
Were I'm From
Near my home there is a park. It is a nice and quiet neighborhood.
I have one brother and a halfbrother. Icome from a great family. I have a friend named Chantelle and two friends named Vanessa and Haley.
My favorite foods are Mexican and Chinese foods.
I love to read, especially mystery, adventure and myths. And I really like school.


Chantelle said...

I like the riming.I also like your wild self

Anonymous said...

I like your wild self its totally awsome.


Jeff Lewis said...

Your Obama Diamonte poem is great! But was it an opposite Diamonte? If so, do you think Hillary is the opposite of Barack Obama?

Oscar said...

I liked your picture.

Anonymous said...


I know your teacher, Jeff, as his wife is a very good friend of mine. Good friends are special and they last a life time - it sounds as if you already know the value of true friends.

I enjoyed you poem. It is wonderful that you like reading - books open up the wonderful world we live in.

Have a great May - Mr. Lewis' friend, Leslie T.