Wednesday, April 8, 2009


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Where I'm From Poem

I live in commerce city, theres a baseball field,skate park,bike jumps,library and a school.My house is split in half and one half is my neighbors and the other side is mine.I have a really big yard.

My family is a big family of 3 nieces,2 nephews and mom and dad are split apart .My nieces names are nadily ,Faythe,hope and nephews are Sebastian and gabrial.I come from Corbindalle
.My dads name is jerry mckellip and my moms name is kelley gillman.

I have five freinds .Duke has a mini pocket bike.I have three friendes at school and my next door neaibor is my freaind to.

My favorit things to do are to fly airplanes and to ride dirtbikes.Also I like to ride bmx and race racecars.

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Cathy said...

Jeremy - I really love the mohawk. I'll check back to see what kind of peom goes with your wild self.