Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Jose R.

A fun and cool sport,

I live right by the park in the night it is really dark. I also live by the train in the morning it shakes my brain.

I am right in the middle between my grandpa who plays the fiddle.

I have a lot of friends I could name them right of the bat. Here they are Servondo, Fernando, Jeremy and Zack.

My favorite things are my 360, geez I wish I could play it in the car.Also I love my family as heck if I did not know them I would cry on my front deck.


Cathy said...

Jose- I like how your poem is about baseball, and then you say that your can name your friends right of the "bat" - that part of your writing really got my attention.

Servando said...

Jose-I like how you made most of the words rime.

Miguel said...

I like your were i'm from poem.

Miguel said...

I like your deamonte poem because I like to play basketball with you.