Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jose V.

Robot Chicken
Evil, scary
It's a evil robot
Robot Chicken
Where I'm From
Where I'm from there is a park a corner store and two rivers also kids are playing basketball and playing on slides, swings, and monkey bars.
One thing of my history that me and my sister and three of my cousins were born in the USA and my mom and my dad and all the rest of my family was born in Mexico.
My friends are Ramiro, Eduardo, Oscar, Gabriel and we like to play basketball, football and tag but we mostly play basketball.
My favorite thing to play is basketball, monkey in the middle, hide and seek in the night, catch, baseball and soccer with my friends.


Sharon said...

jose looks like he is an eagle and a snake but it is steel cool.

Sharon said...

jose is so funny

Freddie said...

your wild self is the same as Oscars wild self.

Eduardo said...

I like that in your diamante poem you where writing about Robot chicken.

jeremy said...

I love how you made a poem about robot chicken.

Gabriel said...

I like your how you did excellent on your poetry. I liked your picture and your poetry to. Nice and Good job.

Eduardo said...

Jose.v I liked your diamonte poem because It rhymed.

Oscar said...

Jose.v I liked your diamonte poem because It rhymed.