Thursday, April 9, 2009


fury , ugly

running , scaring , frightening
scary hairy ugly creatures
shedding , peeling , feeling
evil , smart

Were I'm From
I can see the play ground,school
fence,cars,and the front doors of
the school.

I have a brother , two sisters ,a mom, a dad and they all like to play at the park.

I have friends named Servando,Fernando, Jose v,Jose R,and all like to play football.

My favorite things to do are play outside,ride my bike, and play football with my friends.


Cathy said...

Hi Miguel - your wild self scares me a little. I think you picked all the vicious creatures. C'mon! What's wrong with bunny rabbits and butterflies?

Daniel said...

The comment Cathy wrote was right, yours is pretty scary and I think it is really cool.Also I think you have a awesome imagination!!!

Haley said...

cool miguel I like your wild self
it's cool!

servando said...

I like your wild self but i agriee with daniel and cathy its pretty scary.