Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Hilarious, Cool
entertaining, Impressing,loving
Sweet,Awesome Difficulty,funky
pranking,joking and laughing.
wanted, enthusiastic

Where I Live
An area that I live next to is a high school,baceball field,my friends house,and a dump.

my family is ...
my mom, Timothy,me,my little brother fat boy,
My real big bad sister Dominique.Shes forteen
years old.

My Best Friends Forever are Haley,Chantelle
Lisbet,Yesinia,Katherin Lusinda,Mariah and Cynthia.

My favorite places
My favorite place is Eliches, my friends houses.Plus going to special places.


Anonymous said...

i like the simpsons they are realy funny.

Anonymous said...

I loved your diamante poem.Next time I hope you use more details.But I still think its fantastic.