Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I like to play Bakugan with Jose.r and Jose.v Then I like to play Monkey in the Middle with my brother and Jose V.

I live with my grandma and my brother and my grandpa and my sisters. My brother sits on the bed to watch TV. Sometimes me and him play outside.

My friends are Luis and Jose. We play basketball and we play soccer. Then we go to my house and get something to eat. Then we go back outside and play soccer. Then I play football. My favorite thing to do is play Bakugon. Then I play with my other friend and jump on his trampoline.


Gabriel said...

You did excellent Ramiro.

Jose R. said...

You did good.

Freddie said...

Ramiro you did a amazing job.i think that was totally wicked.i also really like your wild self because i haven't seen no turtle back like yours.i think you did a great job with your poem too.

Jeff Lewis said...


Great job on your poems. It sounds like you like to do a lot of things outside, which is great! So, why do all the boys seem to like Bakugon?

Anonymous said...

Wow, your animal thing is awesome!
They are all awesome!