Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Easy fun
Fun run a lot plans and more
hard juke

Where I'm From
The area is a high school and a store. In the high school and a store. In the store is crouded because they have lots of food. In the high school theres soccer practice and haveto warm up so they be ready for the soccer game.
Im a kid thats 10 years old. I have mom and dad. I even have 5 systers and 3 brothers. I have my grandparents still.
I have some friends in my neighhood and on our school. The friends on my neighboorhood I dont see them often. The friends in the school I always see them.
My fovorite things are soccer and football. Another fovorite thing to do is play videogames most of the day. I like to messaround sometimes or sometimes I dont feel like it.


Servando said...

I like your wild self.I dont think its creepy.

Carlos said...

Nice snake oh frog /turtle

Eduardo said...

I like your picture. Also your poetry.

Miguel said...

I like your were i'm from poem.

Eduardo said...

What are your friends name cause you didn't include that.