Thursday, May 14, 2009

Help Our Planet

We could take better care of our enviorment by doing some very simple things.I am going to tell tell you three things i do.I hope you like them.

First, I ride my bike more.I ride my bike to KING SOOPERS and to the corner store.If i rode my bike everywhere, It would cut down on the bill of fossil fuels. It would cost less money and cut down on pullution.

Next, I could pick up trash. I pick up trash if I see outside on the floor.I pick up trash in my house to.If i pick up trash everyday our planet would not be so dirty. And then we would not have to pay the price.

Finally, I would not cut down trees. I reuse the paper Iuse over again. And I recycle paper after I am done using it. if we use paper over again it would save trees. We need trees because they give us oxygen.

Thats all three things I do to help our planet. And you can help our planet by making up your ideas to help our planet.

BY Lydia

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Miguel said...

You did good on your indenting.