Monday, May 18, 2009

ways to save the envirnment

We can save the envirnmentby doing some very simple things.You should ride more bikes,building houses out of frozen newspaper,andhave an electrict cars.I hope you use my ideas.

First I can ride my bike more.I can ride my bike to the corner store.If rode my bike every it would reduce the use of fossil fuels.I can ride my bike to kingsoopers.Also I think we should ride bikes instead of getting drove.

Next I could build houses out of frozen news paper.So that we can have more beautiful trees.So that we can have more trees.If we built houses out of news paper we could have more trees.All you have to do is freeze news paper.Freeze it for three days and you'll have a block of news paper.

we could we could have electric cars.One good thing is that we wont have polluted air.We also wouldn't have acid rain.If we take electric motors instead of gas ,we can make cars run off of rain water,or wind.This will increase global warming.

Thats what i think about this problem.this is a environmental writing.Now don't come back until you helped the environment.

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Servando said...

Jermy I can't read athing in you whole paragraph!other wise I like your picture.