Monday, May 18, 2009

We cold take better care of the enviorment by diog some very simple things.You shouid ride your bike to the KingsSuppers or your corner store. You aiso shoul not throw things to the trash. Finally dontcut down trees enymore.

First you soul ride your bike to KingsSuppers. You sould also ride it to your coner store.If you ride your bike every wher you could save more money for gas. If I rode my bike everywher It would cut plom on the fossilfeal. That is some ways to save money.

Next Icould rcycle. Icould recycle because I want to help the enviorment. I couldrecycle because If I dont I have to throw things to the trash. I want to rcycle because the paper dosent go to the trash. It is a waste.

Finally I dont want to cut down trees. I dont want to cut down trees because I want to help the enviorment.Also because I to get more paper. Also I want to get more pencils.That are some reasons how they cant be cut down.

Those wer some reasons how to save the enviorment.By rcycleling. By not cuting trees down .By rideing bikes alot. Finally dont cut down trees.

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Haley said...

Nice writting good job !!!But,I also like the bike !!!