Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Don't Pollute, Use Your electric car More

We can take care of the environment by doing some simple things. You should reduce trash, keep the earth clean and invent electric cars.

The first thing we should do is ride bikes. I ride my bike to King Soopers. I can also ride my bike to the corner store. If I rode my bike everywhere it would cut down on the use of fossil fuels. It would cost less money and cut down on pollution.

The second thing is to keep the earth clean. We can keep the earth clean by throwing the trash away and recycling paper and bottles. We should recycle or else the earth will be polluted.

The last thing is to invent electric cars. We should invent electric cars by wires and if a wire breaks you can replace it with a powerful electric ball. So we won't pollute because from the back of the normal cars throw out bad air.

I would like to take care of the environment so we won't pollute. How would you take care of the environment to make it better. Also, I would love my world to be a better place to live.


Ramiro said...
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Ramiro said...

Nice job but you shoodwrite a litaall smorler.