Thursday, May 14, 2009


We could take better care of our environment by doing some very simple things. You and I should both ride our bikes, reuse, and pick up any trash we see.So now I hope you like the three things I am going to tell you.

First,me and you should ride our bikes more often.I ride my bike to KING SOOPERS.Also I ride it to the corner store because, why ride a car to a place that's so close.Also if we ride our bikes everywhere it would cut down on the use of fossil fuels.Also it will keep you in shape and cost less money and cut down on pollution.

Second,me and you should reuse stuff we usually throw away.If we do this less land would be polluted.Also it will make people not cut down trees to make dump spaces.If we reuse some of your stuff won't get lost.You can use a paper cup for example, you can put marbles in a cup or other tiny objects in it.

Finally,we can pick up trash we see.If we do this less land will be polluted.Also animals won't eat the trash and die.This will help us by not having such dirty places.It will also help by keeping our planet green.

those are all the ways we can keep our environment clean, healthy ,and very green.Don't you think we should help our environment live?Now go and help our environment NOW and don't come back till you have!!!!!!!



Carlos said...

I think you really put allot of detail.I think you should work on capitalizing.It was awesome!!!!!!!!

Freddie said...

Daniel I think you did a very good question is why wont people recycle and reuse for helping the world stay green?

Servando said...

daniel-I also think you had allot of details.What do you mean when you said"we wont get lost".

Vanessa said...

Daniel I realy liked your funny
writnig.I liked it at the end.