Thursday, May 14, 2009

How to help the environment

We should take better care of our environment by doing very simple things.Like riding bikes,riding electric cars, and not cutting down trees.I hope you enjoy it!

First, we should ride bikes more often.We could ride are bikes to King supers. Or I can ride it to the corner store.We should do it cause it would cut down in the use of fossil fuels.It will also cost less money and cut down pollution.

second, we should use electric cars.Electric cars don't pollute that much.they use electricity instead of fuel.we should buy one.They are very use full.

Finally, We should not cut down trees.We should use plastic instead of trees.Trees are a renewable recourse but have limits.We should also recycle paper and not waste it. Stop making paper air planes.

Those are all the things you could to take care of our environment.Do you think we should take care of our environment?Now go and don't come back till you've helped the enviornment!


Freddie said...

servando,I think you did a really nice job.I really liked your paragraph about the electric cars.
The question I really want to know is how does the electric car have to do with renewable resources?

Carlos said...

I think you did a good job on the examples.You should space some of your paragraphs.It was great.

Daniel said...

I really like your writing because it is colorful.If we do get electric cars how will they help.And on my passage I didn't put we won't get lost I put stuff won't get lost.