Thursday, May 14, 2009

Taking care of our environment

We could take care of our environment by doing some simple things.
we are going to tell you about nonrenewable and renewable resources.
I hope you conserve ride bikes,recycle and reuse.

First I could ride my bike more.
I ride my bike to king supers.
I can also really like to ride my bike to the corner store.
If I ride rode my bike everywhere,it would cut down on
fossil fuels and with pollution.
It would also cut down on money too.

Next,I can recycle to help out.
I think recycling is fun because
can help people from littering.
To help people from littering pick up everything
you see.The more we pick up the more the world gets
clean.If people stop littering the air or anything else
wont get polluted.

Finally,I could reuse to help the world from pollution.
I can reuse to help trash people.
trash people can carry heavy things ,
but trash people can even rip the bag from
heavy toys that can be reused.
If you think that your little
brother broke your toy,well
just add a dab of glue and you
wont be mad at your brother for the
rest of your life.

I hope you understand those three R paragraphs.
Ride bikes,recycle and reuse.Those three are things you
can be doing instead of playing video
games all day long.


Jeff Lewis said...
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Servando said...

fredy-your paragraph was interesting I like how you talked about the three R's. I really want to know how is recycling?

Daniel said...

I like yours because it is long.Also people probly won't recycle or reuse becase they don't really care.

Freddie said...

servando-I know that recycling has to do with nateral resources and it has to do with helping the world stay green.