Monday, May 18, 2009


We can take care of our environment by doing some very simple things like doing these reduce,reuse,and recycle.those are called the three r's.

I could ride my bike more.If I rode my bike ever where it would cost less money and helps stop pultion.I ride my bike to the corner storer .

next I could reuse . I could give my small clothes to my cousin .this will help save the cotton plants .we could also reuse grocery bags .we could use them not to waste trees.

finally,I could recycle.Recycling helps save the trees not be cut down.This also helps the so the animals can still live in the forest.

Thats three things we could do to save the world.You should think about doing these things .Rember alaways recycle trash!!!


Anonymous said...

you should have capitalize th three R's.otherwise it's okay.

Anonymous said...

you forgot to capitalize the three R's.other wise it's ok.