Monday, May 18, 2009


In order to help our environment is we have to tell people to do the right thing.I'm going to tell
my three ideas to make the environment more better.They are riding more bikes,don't keep bad factories,and don't cut down trees.

My first,
paragraph is telling you that you should ride more bikes because they cut down your paying gas.
And gas will cost less for you!And you will get more people riding bikes.You can ride them to
the corner store.

The second,thing that I'm going to tell you is that we should not keep
harmful factories.You should not go near harmful factories because the pollution will sometimes get in you.You can still keep factories that are not harmful and dangerous.
Also you can not cut down trees because that is one of the things that gives you oxygen it will also harm people.that is why you should not cut down our trees.

Those were my three

great ideas that I wrote.I hope you liked it.The enviornment might get saved by our ideas.

By:Vanessa Martinez.

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