Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How ToHelp our environment

we could take better care of our environment by doing some very simple things.

First I could ride my bike. I ride my bike to king suppers.I
can also ride it to the corner store.If I rode my bike everywhere ,It would cut down on the pollution.

Next, I could pick up trash.I can pick up trash so some pollution can go away.I can also, pick up trash from everywhere so some animals won't die by eating trash and choking .You can do it by spotting a piece of trash and recycling it or through it in the trash.Also,by eating your food and when your done through it in the trash.

Finally ,I could recycle bottles,cans,and newspaper.You could do the same thing by noticing your helping the environment.Also,recycle things that can be used again with helping the environment to.Also if you see a can or a bottle you can next time recycle it.Also,you can recycle paper mostly because it can be reused so our trees won't die and get wasted.

I hope you use my ideas.Won't you like to work on helping the environment.That's how we can help our environment.

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