Monday, May 18, 2009

We could help our environment by doing very simple things.We can do things to help our world.You could ride your bike more,and to stop cutting down trees we also could pick up trash.

First, we can stop using those power polluting cars.I can ride my bike to King Soopers.Also I can ride my bike to the corner store.If I rode my bike everywhere it would make a difference.It also saves big money.

To also save the environment we can stop cutting down trees.If we do not cut down we will have more oxygen.If you do not cut down we will not have a frown.We can stop cutting down by recycling.You can also write a letter.

Last,we can pickup trash.We can live better if we pick up trash.Also to bed good stewards.We can help a little every day.You could pick up everywhere you go.

So now you heard how you can help.You can be a great steward.What ever you do you can help the world.

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