Monday, May 18, 2009


We could take care of our enviroment by doing some very simple help our world.we could use electric cars.ride our bikes more and we could not cut down trees.

First,we could ride our bikes more.because we could get a lot of exercise. if i rode my bike more i would cut down on fossle fuels.and cut down on money.and also cut down on palution.

Then,i could use an electric car. because it is used over solar energy. the solar energy maskes it go. and it is used over solar panles. the solar panles make it stop.

NEXT, i could not cut down trees.because if you planted them again it would take about 2 or 3
years to grow again. and it is a renewable resourse.and because some trees could die.and some people polute.

Finally,those are the three simple things. to help our world. those are the three things i do to help our world.

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