Wednesday, October 17, 2007


1. This is what we like about our photostory is that we did everything good and that we took our time on it.

2.This is what we will do different next time is that we will finish when Mr.Lewis tells us to finish and not mess around.

3.Overall,we think that our photostory is good.


Joseph Miller said...

Monica and Stephanie,

I think you were funny in this video. You said it is cold at the poles. Why is cold there all the time?

I want to know more about Earth. Is it mostly water or land? How many people live here? How many species of animals and plants? What is the driest part of the world? What is the wettest? Where is the tallest tree? What is the largest animal?

Thanks, Mr. Miller

alexisg said...

I like the way you explained alot about the planet Earth.

stephanie w said...

Monica i think we did a good job