Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Matt Holliday

Matt Holliday

I admire Matt Holliday because he has 36 home runs, 340. batting average, 137 Runs Batted In, and 214 base hits during the 2007 season. Also I admire Matt Holliday because he’s really cool and awesome and he’s a really good player. Next, I admire Matt Holliday I admire Matt Holliday because last year he was also good he had 34 home runs, 326. batting average, 114 runs batted in, and 202 base hits. He was good last year but this year he’s amazing. And whenever he’s n base and Todd Helton is next to bat and Todd Helton hits a home run and they get to home plate he appreciates that Todd Helton hit a home run and that’s teamwork. And that’s the reason why I admire Matt Holliday.


Erik G. said...

I can't believe I put my Matt Holliday writing on www.room24.blogspot.com

Jeff Lewis said...

(Erik wrote this "Person I Admire" writing in our reading group.)

This is a very good piece that you wrote in our reading group. I am always impressed how you remember all of the stats for your favorite players, in baseball and basketball. I think you should revise this writing as the playoffs are going on. What would you add if you were to expand this to 5 paragraphs? Anyone have suggestions for Erik?

Erik G. said...

Good thing we had to use the writing flipchart to write about someone you admire during reding grups huh mr.lewis because if we had never done that I would never have a second writing on the class blog.Thanks Mr.Lewis!!!

Mr. S. said...

Wow! I'm impressed you had all that data about your favorite player. I would like to know how long he has played for the Rockies. Also, living here in California, I am not sure what position he plays on the team. Could you add that information to your next draft?
Thanks for sharing your writing,
Mr. Schwartzfarb(Mr. Lewis' cactus friend)

isaac a said...

I like your story it was entertaing. Also just one thing you could of told about the playoffs or the world series. Great Job