Friday, October 17, 2008

Mars Powerpoint

Mars is our planet and we are doing a power point. On Mars what we answered right was the slides and we have cool pictures. Next time we will do a photo story because we could talk. The thing I learned was that there Is a lots of
planets. Why Is Mars not able to have people on it?
While we were working we were thinkers and we were open minded.

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Fernando said...

It was great.One thing you should try to tell wut tipe of food you should take.

Freddie said...

I really like when you said it will take to get there and how far it is from Earth.My question is what kind of storms are there?

Servando said...

Why are you hevier on mars than on earth.

Carlos said...

How much water have they found.

Cynthia said...

I LOVE the information you gave.

Joseph Miller said...

Hey Team,

I appreciated that you did something different using powerpoint. You used pictures and facts well together to tell the story. A couple of questions: You say people cannot live on Mars on two slides. Why not? What do people need to live that is not available on Mars? There is water, right? Why is Mars red? Why is a day so long on Mars?

Next time be very careful about you grammar. A couple of slides needed a second edit check. I still thought you did an amazing job.

Michael said...

Thanks for your effort!

I never realized just how long the seasons on Mars really are. The pictures were informative and I enjoyed the drawings.

I am wondering what makes Mars red. Also, what kind of storm appear on Mars. Is it a wind storm?

Thanks for your great information.

Mr. Tanner

Haley said...

This is a graet powerpoint on mars ! I dont think you guys could have done better .what kind of storms do they have on mars.Also is their life on mars.But great job!