Thursday, October 16, 2008


This is Servando,Jose,Devon,and Luis .
One thing we do well is work together.
Next time we will do this differently by choosing different pictures.
Something I learned about the solar system is Uranus got hit by a comet and that's what made its rings.
A question we still have is: Are there aliens on Uranus?
While we were working, I think we really were confident and we worked hard together.


Joseph Miller said...

Interesting project. I can tell you worked well together. I have some questions.

(1) Is there oxygen on Uranus? Can you live without oxygen?
(2) If the planet is made of gas, what would you stand if you tried to live on the planer?
(3) You mentioned that gravity is less on the Uranus than Earth. Would you be heavier or lighter on Uranus? Why do you think there less gravity on Uranus?

Dave Tarwater said...

I learned some interesting facts about Uranus from your PhotoShow, good team work. Do you know if the United States or any country has sent spacecraft to study Uranus?

Servando said...

(1)There is no oxegen on uranus.
you would need a space suit.
(2)It is made of gases but it is also made of ice and water we read it on a book.
(3)You would be 8 pounds less on Uranus than Earth.We think that the gravity on uranus is less than earth cause it is ferther from the sun.

1)no there is no oxegen on uranus.

Servando said...

They did send a space craft to uranus but we dont know wich country send it.

Daniel said...

I realy like the way you put lots of deatails

Carlos said...

How old is URANUS?

Carlos said...
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Fernando said...

How much oxigen do you need.

Michael said...

Thanks for your information about Uranus!

I was pleased to read from your comments that your group worked hard together!

I found the comment about the dark spot interesting? Is it similar to Jupiter's storm? I would like to know more about the dark spot.

Great job!

Mr. Tanner

Servando said...

it is like jupiters red spots

Servando said...

i do not know how old is uranus.

Servando said...

you need alot of oxgen.

Anonymous said...

A bawt the moovee was cool. ASPEN

Anonymous said...

I like your video. by Gerardo