Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The mystery bag

  1. 1. the best part of my essay is when theres a cat on the bag.

2. the part that still needs work is the conclusion.

3.the main thing I learned about expository writing is to check teds cups.

4. next, time I write an expository essay, I would like to change my conclusion.


stephanie w said...

It haes a lot of detials.

stephanie s said...

hey edith i like your story because i like the way you added a lot of details and i a also like your story because when you blamed mr.lewis because he put the bag on your desk and how you named your kitten snuggles. how didyou figure out that it was mr.lewis? also were you mad at mr.lewis for putting the bag on your desk?

Abby said...

Nice Story! Next time describe ok!