Friday, September 21, 2007

Andrew gone crazy

what I like about my writing is that Mr. Lewis likes the way I describe by story.
If I did it over again I would improve my story.
overoll I felt good about my story.


Jeff Lewis said...

Andrew must have been in big trouble. I want to hear what happened next! It ended so quickly.

Good story Bobby. You had great ideas in your story and did a good job of explaining what happened.

tavi i said...

BObby there's to my and good story

Cathy said...

When I read your story, I love the picture in my head of Andrew jumping on the hood of the green car! Was he yelling? Was he laughing? I want to know more!

Joseph Miller said...


Fun story. How did your Mom miss hiom when she came out? When your Mom was mad how did she look? When my Mom is mad a little vein by her eye pops out and she calls me by my full name "Joseph James Miller!" Was there a lesson for your brother?

What an interesting beginning. I am like Mr. Lewis, I cannot wait to read some more.

M. Loeb said...

I think we need to hear a part 2. Did Andrew get punished? How did your mom not see him on the car when she was about to drive away? What kind of pop tarts was she getting? Strawberry Milkshake? Chocolate?

Anonymous said...

funny story about andrew. I can't believe he did that. Well I can't wait to see your mom's new green car (haha)
love you aunt mage